Group 0: AA KK  
Group 1: QQ JJ AKs  
Group 2: TT AKo AQs AJs KQs  
Group 3: AQo 99 ATs KJs QJs KTs  
Group 4: 88 AJo KQo QTs A9s JTs ATo A8s  
Group 5: KJo, 77 QJo, KTo QTo JTo A7s K9s Q9s T9s J9s If the pot is to be raised pre-flop, I want to be the one doing the raising. Otherwise, I'm looking to get out of the hand. (
Group 6: 66 55 44 33 22
A5s A6s A4s A3s A2s
The odds of hitting the 3-of-a-kind or better is about 12%
The odds of hitting the nut flush or four to the flush on the flop is also around 12%.
Group 7: A9 K9o 98s 87s 76s Kxs(?) T8s(?) 97s(?) 86s(?) 54s(?)

Pocket Pairs (7) AA...88
Suited Connectors (10) AK, AQ, KQ, AJ, KJ, AT, QJ, KT, A9, QT
Non-Suited. MUST be w/A (3) AK, AQ, AJ
T only w/suited AKQ (3) AT, KT, QT
9 only w/suited A (1) A9