These links are to test my different servers at home... the internal ip address, the routing, ports, etc...

Outside IP addr of router.

Default, Port 80 -- Routes to, Gateway PC, running Reg Hat Linux/Apache Server
And now points here too : 81/


Port 81 Routes to, the ASUS laptop. A dual-boot box, with both the Windows 7 (XAMPP) and Red Hat, Fedora 13 running a web server on port 81... so hopefully you'll get a webpage regardelss of which OS is runnign?!?

But, hopefully, most of the time, it'll be running the Linux/Apache Server

Cool Server Status/info/usage pages

accomplished by configuring a couple extra "directives" in the httpd1.conf file.

Webalizer link... a cool web traffic graffer package http://67.8.18188:81/webalizer-usage
Port 443 - SSL . . Also routes to Linux apache Server

Oh, and be sure to check out the Self-Signed CERTIFICATE while you're on that page!!!

Port 443 --SSL... with Password Prompt!! or ssl-info.html

user id=www pw=apache

Webmin link... a very cool Web Administration package that allows me to administer my server remotely

NEED to get this setup to go through SSL ! ! ! ! !